Saturday, October 14, 2006

literary movieteaser (riveron contribuition by Osiris Luciano)

[the blue stars above
as we build below
seven sisters
forever in our mind
--lets cluster]


(a film in preproduction
dedicated to the eternal female archetype
and the dawn of mirrors and laughter
and kundalini)

what follows is a poetic teaser
translation of the plotline and the imagery

soon in theaters near u


darkest black dna silence now
----being human--------
and the nine moons revolving:
yousleeping at the womb.
Bluelight of the Caribbean
---the sound of reality,
a boy
in Mayan lianas-
to be free
and wildly

the death of my makers
---ash eagle---
who am i now?
i live where the snake
bites its egg,
i am in the city of the iris navel.
we are in Technotitlan.
the volcanoes fume sweetly,
the ufo's heaven at the door.

...from Maia to Gaia. always. the mothership.
goddess-girl, the sound of a crystal harp.
wordless. transfixed only by her,
she teaches us to dream awake.
i dont look , i dont desire her.
fire kindles again.

someone talks, its my river reason: i is another.
we are imagined beings conceived by unimaginable others.
your friend springs and co-creates reality.
how am i not me? do you feel time ending.
not anymore.

i am unconscious, only dream is real. she asks me in.
to tear Isis’s veil and enter her reflection.
language inside silence, the power of thought.
feelgood with the girl, she looks at me the same way.

your friend dreams a kite in the sky, gets to you.
he only remembers how it slipped away.
will becomes purpose. rapport from beyond.
in worlds awakened. if you fall asleep i'll wake u-up.

we are kids, we believe fun comes first,
yes, we are strange, our dreams are our school,
we respect the Earth's pledge and the Stars too.
now we weave a doorway into the Pleiades.

a song a smell a kiss from mused air, you are there.
whats the point? if i could be someone else
Id be a jade blade cutting chocolate for her.
dolphins are from Sirius. beer is born in the sun.

i am layin down in a lab etherized, analysed.
a doctor fathoms my breath and imprints my pulse.
a deutronic camara decodes my genetic spiral.
my body becomes a hologram, I look at u
from the other side.

now i remember, now i learn, now i see.
we are morphing, i am not the only one.
(out there butterflies begin to crash
into the galaxy's pharmacy).
what am i doing, trapped by a crazy fool.
who traps who? he wants my genes,
the burning snake in my kernel.

what the fuck is this?

i am the sea of my genes driving
my being unto her. could i have dreamed
the unborn daughter of timeless echo?
who am i speaking to? who is that girl?
i dig her. i am someone who dreams he is
everyone. awaking the warrior night.

i am unborn, i still slumber in the mother foam,
am i dreaming that i am a phoetus and and it is my
flight to be a photon and build a city of quartz?
i only recall her eyes, i like it when you look at me
and then fade fast in the looking-glass.
we are free now.

i want to wake up. dont expect anything.
im on my way. i reach the doorway were you wait.
the door is not what i thought. the door is the same
as u. the rainbow bird and the mirror are borne again.
day and the sun's rebirth.

you are at the eye of thirteen flinstone mirrors.
the harp flickers, the seventh string. joy numinous.
the sound of a-hummingbird. your soul
returns to your body. be still,
conscious of this moment.

something is about to unravel

you are about to wake

the silver light pierces through

triple helix blaze

she's there.

so, do u have any plans for today?

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