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The Mirror talks on: AETHER Absconditus Aeternitas

bow to akash
and receive the fractal map
for a mission throughout the void

spread the word

Aor aetheris aether ether

mystical space mysterious entity

Greek αιθηρ, “to kindle, to shine”. Correspondent to the akasha of Hindu thought.

“spiritual matter” (Paracelsus).

Aether is the wireless connection of body and spirit, of matter and idea, of logos or breath (svara) and creation (and of all beings non-binary and all states of being with the spirit).. It is aether that ordanis the sacred marriage of body and soul. On blakewings of excess "man has no body distinct from his soul; for that call'd body is a portion of soul discern'd by the five senses, the chief inlets of soul in this age. energy is the only life and is from the body and reason is the bound and outward
circumference of energy. energy is eternal delight".

Ginsberg called it "the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of the night".

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AITHER (silver surfer) was the Protogenos (first-born elemental god) of the bright, glowing upper air of heaven - the substance of light. Son of Erebus and Nyx, the Night, first in line to Chaos. His female counterpart was Aithre. Engendered earth, sea and sky (Gaia, Thalassa, Ouranos).


"the garment of the Supreme Diety"

"the air of light"

"subtler than light"

"The other air", aether like an elysean drug is the elixir of inmortality the gods fest upon.

The crystalwind lattice.

The Glaze of Indra's pearl necklace.

“that which is left when we take everything that we know out of it”.

it is infinitely elastic and without friction, elephant womb sutra.

It is the Imponderable Media (following Sir Isaac Newton).

The Great Inanimate (Castaneda).

In Toltec thought it is ehecatl, the emeraldmirror warriorwind.

The plenum of vacuum, that which, paradoxically and all-pervadingly, fills emptyness.

"In awareness all things reside in dharma-kaya or body of emptiness, in which, like the classical’s unicorn horn, all potentiality resides".

“Aether is the body of Akasha”, or its spirited vehicle, like mercury (azoth) is the messenger of the gods, aether encodes the holographic principle of akasa, hall of amenti, book of life, in its worldy voyage of concealment, transformation and revelation.

Through aether akash leaves the eternal rest (brahma bear) of the fixed archetype (en sof) and enters the "turning world" of information flow (like apeiron in a vortex of infinite speed); through aether one reenters the akashic garden, delighting in the golden apples of scientia. In a way aether "arrives without traveling" (this is also called the holomovement), for it is linked in coeternal bond to akasa, mask and source of all cosmic phenomena.

"The primary substance, thrown into infinitesimal whirls of prodigious velocity, becomes gross matter; the force subsiding, the motion ceases and matter disappears, reverting to the primary substance". Aurobindo

Aether could be thought as the waveform of a ghostly cupid wizard, a wide array of intentions, thoughts, codes and secret motions that unravel through synaptic alignment (synch-click) in the conscious dawning of an eternal knowledge. Veritas or Claritas. Awakening the Akasa of Aeons.

Aether or teoatl (godly water of stars) is the tranformation matrix that generates and cyphers holons from the halls of amenti or the memory grid of akash.

AETHER as Akash is the meeting point or crossfiring of information into being, as life on earth arised from the ocean, consciousness arised in the universe from the aetherial archae.

Aether is the sap of the Tree of Life or Axis Mundi where in runs the "bright effluence of bright essence increate".

To feel the crystallization of aether is the epiphany of the song:

"Without going out of my door
You can know all things of earth".

Aetheris Aureus
It is the quinta essentia, the fifth element.

"The Magi considered that by returning to the earth, and by a supreme and magical separation, a certain perfect substance would come forth, which is at length, by many industrious and prolonged preparations, exalted and raised up above the range of vegetable substances into mineral, above mineral into metallic, and above perfect metallic substances into a perpetual and divine Quintessence, including in itself the essence of all celestial and terrestrial creatures.' Paracelsus.
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Aether chemical
Ether is the general name for a class of chemical compounds which contain an ether group — an oxygen atom connected to two (substituted) alkyl groups.

Estado etilico, sacred drunkness in which one cannot feel the body, hop-fully floating up into the Empyrean glade ( fear and loathing in heaven).

“Lets go then, you and I,
when the evening is spread against the sky,
like a patient etherised upon a table". TS Elliot

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Luminiferous aether (light-bearing) is the term used by physicists to describe the medium in which light propagates through space, equivalent to air with acoustic vibrations. Later deemed obsolete by modern physics in their understanding of light as particle. Still mysterously revived and transformed into new quantum hypothesis.

quantum aether, quantum foam, quantum potential, hidden variable, holomovement.
in loop quantum gravity, spacetime is filled with a structure called the spin foam. (aether)

holomovement is the underlying flow (of possibly not yet defined qualities related to thought, matter and energy) in which reality (or the possible realities) can be experienced.

"The totality of the movement of enfoldment and unfoldment may go immensely beyond what has revealed itself to our observations. We call this totality by the name *holomovamenti.*"

A non-local connection has been observed

It is through synaptic aether silverfire superstrings that tunnel ordinary timesapce into deeper dimensions that quantum entanglement connections take place, instantly photons travell under the motherboard of the holographic universe or implicate order, to resound wholly in a quid of joint perception that reflects signals superluminaly through distances unfathomable, in a state of quantum superimposition or coalesced awareness, like voodoo siamese twins foreverone thru galaxies severed.


Etherrealization is the crystal chrysalis of mind and intention as a material aspect of creation.

Aether like quantum foam is made of an undecidable substance, more close to thought than matter, but in itself the generatrix of thought like energy is of matter. Thus thought is the condensation of aether, unfixed in nature, perceived as a local wave of becoming.

As the historic Budha said "We are what we think. All that we are arises from our thoughts.
With our thoughts, we make our world".

Aether is the trickster medium through which all projections travel.
Aether is the silent thunder of prayer.
Aether is the open water of the hacker.

the invisible aether, which permeates all matter and its subatomic structure, as dynamic massfree energy (its critical characteristic) being weightless, not electromagnetic, nor composed of photons, nor monopolar electric nor even electric per se (aether encompasses both electric and nonelectric forms of massfree energy, with the former being ambipolar and not monopolar).

The electron as well as the other subatomic particles are basically self-sustaining vortices in a fluidic particulate aether.

One of the earliest electronic music instruments, best known as the the Teremin ,it requires no physical contact in order to produce music and was, in fact, the first musical instrument designed to be played without being touched. The instrument consists of an array of circuitry including two antennae around which the user moves his or her hands to play.


The medium or morphogentic field that enables scientific breakthrough ("when its steam engine time, it steamengines") linking at a distance separate procedures into one meaningful gestalt-triggered whole.

Also the tendency, first described by Marx, of matter -the liquid capital- to constantly evolve into a subtler form, rarification towards spirit that leads to eventual dissapearance. Tendency which can be observed in all technological gadgets to reduce their size or metaeconomize its processes, for example: the quantum computer or the nanotube wirings through the void.

Ethereal body

The etheral body in auric science vision is the first field of light oversoul from which emanate all other fields the same way a beam of white light draws the manifold personalities of a rainbow.

It is understood as a sort of life force body or aura that constitutes the "blueprint" of the physical body, and which sustains the physical body.

Aether Sidereal

"For the winds that awakened the stars
Are blowing through my blood".
W.B. Yeats

It is through aether that man gathers the information and attraction of the planets and stars.

Zodiac wheel, solarplexus, etherfueled.

aether: subtler than gravity, muonic resonance, brings to man the logos of the stars.

Magik Aetherial

The Wisdom of the Aeon lays doormant in the garments of Aether.

"Aetherwinds ride twine the wings
Of the greenlion sphinx".

In the journey of the Magi, the stone (lapis philosophorum) is the board, aether is the wave (Opus Magnum) he surfs.

Rosicrucan Scheme
Crown/Brow------- Aether---- Stone
Heart/Throat---------- Air----- Sword
Navel---------------- Fire-----Spear
Sacra--------------- Water-----Cup
Root ----------- ----Earth------Dish

"Probably we do not act directly upon matter at all (electron cloud). Our will, our mind, our psychic life, probably act directly upon the Ether; and only through it, indirectly, on Matter. Ether is our real primary and permanent instrument. It is in connexion with the Ether that our real being consists; and through it we are able to manipulate the atoms of matter".

'It is the primary instrument of Mind, the vehicle of Soul, the habitation of Spirit"( Robert Fludd Rosicruz).

thought is a ripple on the surface of the aethereal pond

Through the ethersphere we reach the noosphere. Crystal links like airborne snakes neurocoil in softest architecture, positing the scaffold of m-orphic resonance. Thus the One mind, the World Mind (blue planetary aura) ignites the etheric plane with the unanimous braindolphins of collective perception.

Soft Architecture

“Behind the visible are chains on chains of conscious beings, who have no inherent form but change according to their whim, or the mind that sees them. You cannot lift your hand without influencing and being influenced by hoards. The visible world is merely their skin.”.


the best bet for free world wide energy.

in a cubic meter of void, down the zeropoint rabbithole, there is more energy than in all the matter of the universe.

"it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature."

"So astounding are the facts in this connection, that it would seem as though the Creator, himself had electrically designed this planet...." Nikola Tesla

electricity: the ethereal fire (superfluid)

Actio in Distans

Einstein called this connection "spooky action at a distance".

The aetheral all-pervading substance allows or jumpstarts jumpstars (as in quantum entanglement or qsc) a material repercussion through a nonmaterial cause (as the music of the spheres has no executant).
This is the quicksilversand of such phenomena as telepathy, telekinesis, clarvoyance and other fit to our times as transmolecularization, timetravel, photonautia or holofusion.

"EPR Paradox jointures, Bell theorem echoes in quatum foam, the microcosmic cathedral of spirit booms in the
glow-wormholes or cosmic artheries of an aethereal body, the body of Isis, cave of thunder, light of the sage".

AETHERIAL WOMB the belief that there is a woman behind air, jeweld void or sunyata, the belief in an everpresent vortex or strange attractor waiting, hunting perhaps, every output into input to source itself or ignite suddenly into zeropoint energy freedom and return to the widespread state of unity, photon back into phoetus.

AETHER UTERUS William Burrough’s theory of divine conception holds that Mary, Mother, Jesusilver lips Virgin, was impregnated by the holy spirit in the form of an aetherial gust blowing through her uterus (which happened to connect with the spiralcenter of the milky way or angelic door).

Aether otherness, “I is another” (Rimbaud) is the body that forms as an accumulation of all mental-processes, which flutters above the physical body as a spacesuit of energy and mnemonic recordings, imprinting and streamlining the patterns through which the individual constructs his life. It is the path before to yonder. The subtle structure from which personality mirrors. Right now our aetherial others have silent memetic sex.

Through aeons aether still makes the strongest claim for a universal substance. Through its infinite malleability (crystalflow)aether best holds the secret of the invisible, of all concealed structure (invsible design) on which the world is built. Because of this aether encompasses all explanations for that which cannot be grasped but is felt intuitively, ineffably, algebra or aleph, that which gives meaning and movement to all our magical reveries.

Everything dreamy, everything subtle, softest, everything foamy (like venus’s intrarvulvae) just what we love.

The invisible spider, viuda arcana, vulva-mantra.

The seemless seams.

Hear the winds of aether say your name her name the name of the world, see the dissappearing word in the sky, always (alkahest) moving, always fading, always changing.

Nether, ever, aether.

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