Tuesday, October 10, 2006

river on deity: Xochipilli


“Prince(ss) of the flowers”

God of love, dance, flowers and games.

He represents an intersection between the divine essences of the ludic, the magic and the tenderness dimensions.

Related to life, earth and fertility. Symbol of the rising sun.

Creator of flowers.

She has a precious stone representation in the Museo Nacional de Antropologia of Mexico, in which she appears covered by sacred plants like tobbaco, ololiuhqui, sinicuichi and different kinds of divine mushrooms.

Although it is officially considered as a masculine deity there are strong versions that suggest its feminine nature, maybe an androgynous one.

Know her, love her.
Play with the floral mandala, feel the fertile love, embrace earth with your infinite magic and praise the prince(ss) of flowers:

Xochipilli’s .

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