Sunday, November 05, 2006

HOLOWEEN girl of river (treat)!!!


quetzales fenix rivers

Happy Holoween!!!
she said,
out of the blue flaming bush, sufi
whirling and dj eyescream
with her vinyl silver nail
sending me into vortex swivelling sendero-
girl name Tao pascua robin violet-
riverran down the rabbithole
past Adam and Neo
-garden of Prosperine-
tea with Lao
candle lake,
spinning cups-
the King is death....

spinning haze (low-lit)a purple air
golden apples of the sun
(silver of the moon)
lets go to the woods
to play with spooks...

Holoween by day...
Hamlet's pale-self
infinite space
in a crack-up
caramel or shell.
waves in the willow
catkins floating elves
Einsteins scary hair, lee
whitelectric snowflake scratch
fractal superape perry
scary spaceship
zombie cat from outer space
waking finnegans girl
talking trees
i learned telepathy
from the bees
hanging from (chillin))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
the wheel zodiac synth Isis
Madame Bla Bla bats key tunafish tune attuned aware
sound that dear astral bell.

Yeats masked circus animals march
botargas platonicas, linternas
de cuevas plutonicas
sirenas de neon, antrompomorficas
piedras, estalactitas, el arpa,
la cuerda y el dragón.
G&%%what do you want to be
boing the guanabana siriuscolibri
in the center of suns voy
where alchemy is forged
heavier elements are born
from androgynous hydrogen
to solar rain femenine silver
and silicon Valley of Dolls
and pills a moonpill for me
please Inana, give me
white chocolate dancing skills
aquelarre in Tarkovsky beach
vanilla fire and r&b.

Its Holoween!!!
girl of grass
hologram eyes
softly passed
flashing me...

We play hide-and-seek
while still asleep,
suddenly in the crystal forest,
monks and mummies
confusing monads,
¿somos holones o no?
hologoblins germlins
in the jelly of Alcyone.
Shimmering in the east
pumpkin in the sky
(give me my candy treat)
Alex Gray jaws chakrahorse
orange(sun)crush driving force
sound of laughter
quick, now, ever...
and she´s in the lilactree
wicca wicca
burning koala
eyes of Lemuria
arrow of the little-god
finds me.

Very Hallow Holo Hi
very hallow holo hi
girls pass bye
say-sailing the blazing breeze
bye and bye
so many as the leafs
and all the same
with costumes
priestess wedding
the heavens to the ground:


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