Sunday, November 05, 2006

In the Garden with Dr.Terence Mckenna

Critique Magazine_: "Well Terence, now I'm wondering what you think the ultimate goal of human evolution is..?"
Terence McKenna: "Oh, a good party..."

Sounding apple's blue
Grab a piece with minds glue-
Cyclops in the sky
with a telepheric ray bend down-
Logos hang shimmering from the boughs
---Garden or orgy or ufo
The fun of it cannot be plucked
By a zealous CEO
-------The tree speaks
Alphastate words
Clouds draw fading masterpieces
Winds silver feet kiss them
Digital phoenix nestles near
Unicorn virgin dreams closer
Perfumes winnow pervading
Chakric windows -the blazing speed-rivers
In ghostly trains leaving-
Images timeless from akash like feathers
Plumed codes and layers of energy-
A floating pyramid teacher
A mating ethereal flower
A classroom sacred with geometry pulsating
And changing kalideischopic tetragrammatons
Sapphire sephirots instead of blackboards
Whispering girls of the woods
With flying formulaes in stolen books
And painted archetypes in their legs
Boughs drawing golden near from the ceiling
Ethnobotany advisors bringing crystal pipes
With snakes of light and orange dust chrysalis
Silent bells of trance- spacetime- elves
With miracle machines making love
To music in other dimensions –gloss so
Where diamonds flow –halcyon
Readymade summer holographic kits
Gifts girls dig diamond faeries behind
Eyelids quasars and galaxies
Revolving like the wheels of rollerskates
In saturnian rings -rainbow quetzalcoatl fields-
Roman nights of wild wolvering
The skin again electric -venice beach-
The steamy sea photovoltaic
With plankton and coral jewels
That venus brings as incense
And foreplay frolick mandalas
For sex fire vanilla orchidolphins
Beds that lift us into amber spheres
Where we play polo in a pool with the seven
Sisters of the Pleiades dipping koolaid light
A daikiri so high could make u never die
Like that fruit from that same tree
Axis mundi mariasabina seed
Blooming original superstring
Off of Orions navel capital city
The blue bead ololiuqui stream
The blue tangerine that started
The dream of cows giving monkies
Food from the stars and speech
To organize a mirror back
Silver-back gorila cry to the moon
And the digital totem of the replicant
Cry for consciousness -oh Centaur
A mirror back to the original stars
That gave us but a part of their superminds,
And us to find the brainsaw pieces in plants
Gentle spirits that yield their secrets
To our dancing keepers of symmetry
By the firesand the numens singing
And healing with stone’s frequencies
Sending spectral eagles into our bones and ears
Medicine drums of synesthesia and gaia-glycerine
Igniting genetical aeons of slumbering helices
Rebel reptiles and sian sea vehicles
Out of the deeps -cells symphony brink-
A sort of click and thunderstorm neo
Where memes flow with muon guns
That open the doors of dystopian lords-
Topple a sort of overmind babylon
Long held by faux gods s-thriving to occult
Our right to percieve reality as our pond
Our prom, to breed our own, dream,
Bake starship candy, bail from the wall
Or photon jettison into imaginal maybe
Unrestrained by a lock to feel
The multidimensional waves of the holodeck
And the a-thousandfold lotusun.

And back there where it (sh, sh)star-ted bear
Where eyes where undivided from rivers
Suns sounds applesilver moons women
And birds psyche-delicate lush launched
Sylvan glade gliding space glass looking
For themselves and past into other’s vortex
Sexual vortextual tangosigns in vacuaa
And a magnet drawing them one mysterious
Ravaging from m-other de-lighted chaotic
Creating time to be a party before-math
Where ouroboric pills are hidden to find
Like a golden bunny in a pharm.

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