Sunday, November 19, 2006

river on deity: Arianrhod

Arianrhod “The Silver Circle”

Known also as “High Fruitful Mother", she is one of Britain’s three virgins.

Celt goddess of the moon, fertility, reincarnation and seasons. Her divine nature is related to the art of weaving and regeneration.

Mother of Dylan Eil Ton, the “son of the wave”.

She guards the silvered wheel of stars which represents time and karma. Through her, you can contact the Star People and also the portal to past-life memories.

She is a deeply sexual goddess. If you copulate with Arianrhod, you’ll sure feel the mirror’s surface. A foot over her lap ensures you a path to a vivid connection with the feminine planetary axiom. Her festival is celebrated on the second of December.

Related with the element of fire, she controls the time dimension. Her image and the principles of the archetype her figure represents, seem somehow forgotten in the perception of occidental culture.

Her palace, Caer Arianrhod, is located on the Corona Borealis.

Like a silvered feminine mandala, she guides you through the sacred highway that leads into the balance of unity.

“The traveler must follow the Spirit of Arianrhod with an open heart and mind.”
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