Sunday, November 05, 2006


In a spirit of entelechy dreamcreation -sending (chaotician control) remote IBIS birds into the wells of decision, of karma, of Anubis, and of Akash- we have come up with a list or prayer (inverse thunder) a sort of moving crystalball of words and prophecy: quantum voodoo thoughts thrown at the temple of the future: at ourselves, breaking the mirror opening the sea walking over water floating in the air; to see the future as an extension of ourselves, spaceship of our vortex-plexus, violet ectoplasm of our will, protean prosthesis Kronenberg (mountain of time) timemachine, psychedelic clay -chemical kindergarden-, smiling faster-than-light cat, the stellae of our mescaline breath blowing deers in the wind, to tread the path before
as we join our dreambeings and go beyond….

So be it: glossolalia incantation reef: 2006
Year of the Dog
Sirius be with us. (Wizard and Brightest Star let us ride the Eye in the Sky into the I-inside
from the silver surfer and the swan
to the center of the galaxy, whirl oz through)

We ask the Three Wise Men (Orion’s Belt) to show us the spiral path and the sci-fi tech, to take our wishes far and fast and fly with them into the womb of creation in Gaia’s blue liquid room. So the hummingbird hits the bull’s-eye and nests in the holographic lotus, quick in the silver blood of sap, eversurprised at “the deeper you go the wider it gets” infinite glow of the sorcerers door , golden ladder of ayahuasca, magic mezzanine, jaguar-mouth, into the axis tree, rosa mundi, final fantasy where the seven silver sisters dream geneticfields for us to be. And to enter their dreams, subtle seas weaved, and to wake in there dreams gnostically (like cobraforce release, Kundalini kids). We ask you, Wizards of Trinity, for your charms, your gold, your incense (in-séance), the gestalt constellation of your alchemy; the marriage of fire and water: soft fire, childhood fountains, Atlantis, liquid light, dolphinwine, love of the dog and the rats -white blazing wing of Blake-, love of the god (dess) and the stars, in excess and transparence, palace walls cleansed, perception whizz jazz symphfinite, the world as it is:

We ask you also for other gifts, kind of anecdotic, playful spiders, into the galactic-all pharmacy, under the counter hydrophonia Thoth´s grail
todunidos por la hermandad holotrópica y el sonido futuro
del agua del brujo y l´aguja del demiurgo.

We ask like children in tropical fever, faithful, that we see unicorns
purple poppies, everpopping in the salad, in the mandala, near the swimming pool, as I drink elixir with you (which means exit the wheel of suffering, Buddha vodka and tangerine tree).

Unity in chaos (tragos cruzados, in-lackech brindis, balamquetzal, en el tapete del Nintendo volar, mandelbrotar del primer mar mermaidmermelade wildest fandango).

Unity in thought (in a silence kind of way, crows telepathic twilight entangles, rhizome of arms, roots, mandrake blasts, crossfiring synaptic bonanza baraka: the deepest crystal resonance).

Unity in fight (or flight, of the first Osiris, (again) against our own witchcraft, matrix boomerangs -psystembuster subtle dance behind the dragon’s eyes, near the palmtrees, unnoticed, ninja gazelle with the queen’s jewels in his mind, metalinguistic juggling of sliding doors, cocktail at hand, diving into the sea of Fermi, free).

We ask O Baltazar
For things to change
color the streets are white, the sun is green (naranja azul, la poesía) electric kauyumari, sunset soup, my feet leave fruits in the ground, jellyfish and maíz, in the sky rains avocado, and everybody is a quetzal as they wake (Kafka too), to stare at the girl with rainbow eyes -jade river-, first thing you do, shake dreams from your hair(ololiuqui weeds), choose the day, the day´s divinity.

We ask for sneakers to the moon, Jordan-air meets Mercury, sandals of wind, blow near us golden comb, Echo. Or Arabian cloudy carpets, nierika spacelifts, candy wings.

Hey Helium Elysium BALLOON

We ask to know (the song) WHO ARE YOU WHO ARE YOU?
me mingled with the mink of Ishtar soham.

That we learn to use the embedded wisdom (sewn thunderlight)of mirrors and all kinds of crystals. Phillipus Aurorus has one that is a sword or even a phone electricum magicum that, as Donnie Darko knows, is everwhere, in the holostardust. So I send my emberdreamquartz to the lapislazuli girl who is the stone I am the stone lapis philosophorum phosphorescent sperm in Holopolis.

That (for kicks for music muscaria) Mozart´s indigo blooms, learn to use protools, and quantum base Logic, so d.n.a sounds great, and orphic resonance reigns as cosmogenesis draws (DAWNS) near.

That we all learn from our multiverse fronts to make holograms. Meeting without moving teleonimic Aleph´s, Indra pearls, our nagual streams, Through art we are. Through all we act.

That the butterfly screams at the ear of the sleeping beauty diamond snow, melting sun at her ear, lifting and giving light the secret of Ishtar-Aztlan.

That the river finds its phoenix, nestling on the surface, inhaling cascades and pumadust, flapping its wings as Stravinsky pulls the chords and fire ignites water, seventh seal. We all jump holoceanically into turquoise bliss.

That the mirror becomes a river; the river a sea.
That we all see through the looking-glass what Alice saw in the stars.

Thank thee Alcyione Allisone.

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