Sunday, November 05, 2006

some say silence is the K

Some say silence is the key word and Ouroborus our secret.
Search for truth (which its purest form unites with an also precious lie)
maybe inside uterus (holostardust) unlimited matrix

Take a visit to your VENTRAL WINDMILL (como tierra humeda).
Remember the hologram´s skin reflects all vital sounds.

Sometimes amorphous,
sometimes melancholic…
hey crystal lady: why don’t we share some info?

And so wisdom has its own color beneath the mermaids skin… it kindly follows the fractal chorus…
and the why? .. it has no answers my child…
... Apparently, naïve melodies could scream you to death

Catch the ghost in the rye - unique expressions
silver swan has also bluevelvet eyes, ((the real magic of parallel existence))

Vanishing “house of the rising sun”
Solstice body, sewing skies (why could it be?)

A drop of conciousness inside every iris? (we could all love the game)

Dream a web
Weave a dream
silence highway



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