Sunday, November 05, 2006


The feminine ethereal presence behind the prism of occidental knowledge.

Soror (ether - patcha mamma) with her mare’s hair dress.

Once mother
Once lover
Once lotus
Once gaia

thank you for permanent crystal advices
…. Like the white owl swamp (silence): you talk to me with infinite love (silence), you are my partner trough rivers and mirrors

… unlimited warmness for the warriors who follow possibilities,
it is said to be…

as liquid bluemoon silver,
energy performance,
gathering jaguar,
and every consciousness has its own guardian,

it is a motley sky, quantum road, spiritual oven

Mother? it the uterus’s soul who’s calling me?


…. Like sacred text underneath my belly

Visiting the interior of térrea in search of oculta lapidae
(invoking talisman nickname)

(her milk as God’s mandalic inflow)
evening’s breathe
I hear her steps everywhere
feedback breasts
inexplicable teachings

lily’s lilt,
limpid motionless
(liquid libélula)

a gaze to the rabbit
a jade riddle
a raw fractal
couple of black coral eyes

: forever witness the masterpiece

she is omnipresent, no fences facing us
(she visits every atanor´s work)

the infecund process won’t meet her

mercurial vagina:
(silver jesus lips)

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