Monday, November 06, 2006

Working the Out of Bounds: Dreamachine

invented by Brion Gysin
(top five on the William Burrough´s coolest guys list)

do you want one?
you are one

build it
and you will come
into the mindfields of light
invisible landscapes
and very laid back selftransforming
chill pill of flowers and fractals
so perhaps today try
and smoke some light
eyecandy becomes
mind samadhi

The dreamachine works as a sort of electronic mirror that reproduces synergetic waves and patterns of light mimicking deep brainfrequencies, particulary alphawaves ranging between 7.5 and 13 flashes per second.

This hypnotic rate of light emission induces the psychonaut -who remains tete-a-tete with the machine- to a hypnagogic swoon of polychromatic reverie -de-lightfully producing innerpatterns of sacred geometry that slowly attune him into deep meditative trance. And thereon it is the dreamer, the tripper who scales on his own the unfathomable axis mundi ladder of his mind and finds the deepest jewels of consciousness or just relaxes and hangs out in a cool place of waves and forms. But the door through the mirror-machine is there -as always it depends on you and how deep down the rabbit-hole u want it to glow?


Mr.Gison claims to have thought-out the dreamchine when -in classic newtonian-like epihany- he was riding a train through the country , looking through the window into the trees as he happily dozed off. But he noticed, with eyes wide shut, that the leaves of the superseding trees where slicing up the sunrays and forming pattern inside his mind. This patterns, at a synchronic speed, in a relaxed state of mind, drifted him into a lucid dream. Thus the technology, imitating nature was born.

and the leaves cut the glass
the sun the eyes, the brain is outside
as the passenger slips by
a gentle woods god has a beautiful knife
master of his craft
this class he will show u
how to dream
with your hands


Building a dreamachine is easier than building a bomb, and as usual all you need is provided in a near hardware store.
The blueprint, easy to employ is available in the internet.
It is cheap and cosmic fun.


extra extra extra!
polysester doll gone crazy with dreamachine (New York Times)
extra extra extra!
extrabody experience
Mr.Rober Anton Wilson Chairman of Tha Dyscordian Society
Illuminati of Chaos, Reports
Using the Pulstar Light and Sound Device
I had a an outerbody experience, astralflight contemplating myself ecstatically near a monolithic machine, wearing sunglasses for the midnight sun, laughing out my soul.

Can you do better than him?


just surf the light

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