Monday, February 12, 2007

flying frogs you can fly too! magnetic field balance levitation

A number of experiments performed at the Nijmegen High Magnetic Field Laboratory have produced an amazing sight of fairy-tale resonance, flying frogs suspended in lab ether, canceling garavity in magnetic bliss. This is possible through the action of a magnetic field (around 16 Teslas are needed to lift flat a frog) upon a diamagnet, which is a substance that pulls away from a magnet, such as water (hence the frog's watery perefction), DNA, most organic compounds such as oil and plastic, and many metals such as mercury, gold and bismuth.

(not only frogs have been levitated, also waterdrops, grasshoppers hazelnuts etc., watch the action at:

It is most interesting to tap into this magnetic realm of possibility, perhaps a frozen goldcoin in the sky or the snakeleap of your own genetic strands flashing like mercury in the red room of the body, floating between the cells in small eternity. I have the feeling old sages willed their magnetic fields (electromagnetic energy fuels the spin of the chakras), defying gravity in order to ride the cloud of epiphany.

A flying coffin
or a flying carpet
deliver in myth the true dreams
of our highest rivers.

remember what the rabbit said to the mirror
"... its the only way of life"

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