Saturday, October 14, 2006

Before and After Science: Global Conciousness Project


“Thy spirit shall ride digital waves”

19th century anonymous.


GCP is a collective international effort of various disciplines, it involves the contribution of scientists, artists, engineers, and programmers. It's main purpose is to investigate the physical effects printed by the collective human consciousness. This project keeps an intimate relation with Teilhard De Chardin’s concept of noosphere.

--- the permanent manifolding of universe towards integration... ---

“A global network of electronic devices produces continuous random data sequences. Subtle patterns in the data are linked with events that cause shared thoughts and emotions in millions of people. The results challenge common ideas about the world, but independent analyses confirm the unexpected patterns, and also indicate that they cannot be attributed to ordinary physical forces or electromagnetic fields.”

“The Global Consciousness Project is an international collaboration created in 1998 to study the subtle reach of human consciousness in the physical world. We maintain a network of random event generators (REGs) with nodes in more than 50 locations, from Alaska to Fiji, on all continents, and in nearly every time zone.”

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