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riveron friend: David Bohm

David Bohm american born theoretical physicist (December 20, 1917 Wilkes-Barre, PA–October 27, 1992 London, Uk) author (or discoverer) of an extremely elegant model of the universe that tunes-in with the deepest intuition of undivided wholeness. He is undoubtedly the foremost figure in what is known as the holographic paradigm, a shift from a ratio-mechanical worldview into an all-inclusive perspective of the world as an interconnected whole where, as in a hologram, every part contains the in-formation of the entire photograph or universe.

" a hologram reveals how total content--in principle extending over the whole of space and time--is enfolded in the movement of waves (electromagnetic and other kinds) in any given region."

“All the worlds whirl in a grain of sand”.

"light is the means by which the entire universe unfolds into itself.

Bohm is like the priest of the future, that weds back science with religion and art, that looks more like the past, riding the spirit of present times, weaving together rigorous episteme with resonating fractal intuition.

David Bohm wears Indra's jeweled net on his neck.

As a child Bohm experienced the call of the secret in the woods and developed an unquenchable drive to seek for the hidden cause of things. (He later developed the hidden variables theory).

Like Blake and Einstein, Bohm pre-emphasized imagination as a way to attain knowledge. In this way empathizing with the deep order lying within -the creative and dynamic process of consciousness unfolding into manifest reality.

Bohm faced persecution for alleged communist beliefs which led him to exile. Later he faced collegiate dissaproval and tagbearing which deemed him as more of a mystic than a methodistic scientist. However Bohm remained true to himself. Working the out-of-bounds akash with dandy math.

Some of Bohm’s friends and associates where: Albert Einstein, Oppenheimer (Bohm refused to particpate in the Manhattan Project), J. Krishnamurti, Stan Grof, Karl Pribram, The Dalai Lama (Bohm was his personal physics teacher).
Bohm is widely regarded as a good guy, always humble and willing, he is ,like the taomaster an "oldboy", who dug the void for impersonal surfgold.

Early in his career Bohm confronted the ghost in the machine, adressing the primordial task in modern physics, the evident contradiction between quantum mechanics and relativistic theory. In a way an older dilemma, the dualistic paradox: that of fluid motion and stillness, that of the One and the Many, cause and chance, mind and matter.

For this he came up with his theory of an Implicate Order that unfolds into an Explicate Order through an all-pervasive holomovement or:

“the unbroken wholeness of the totality of existence as an undivided flowing movement without borders”

“In this flow, mind and matter are not separate substances. Rather they are different aspects…”

perhaps like dreams and reality…

The indeterministic and “spooky action at a distance” of quantum physics resolved into a non-local, causal and panpsychic universe where randomness is but the contextual expression of a deeper order.

For Bohm the world we perceive is but the ripple on the surface of an implicate order that underlies as an ocean of energy, where, if we delve into the vacuum or zeropoint-energy, we find that “ a single cubic centimetre of empty space contains more energy than all of the matter in the known universe “.

From this unfathomable depth spring subatomic particles:

“fundamentally, the particle is only an abstraction that is manifest to our senses. What is, is always a totality of ensembles, all present together, in an orderly series of stages of enfoldment and unfoldment, which intermingle and inter-penetrate each other in principle throughout the whole of space".

In that sense all the billions of billions of electrons distributed throughout space are but one same electron which unfolds from an ocean of quantum potential, in truth inseparable from its source like a wave is inseparable from the sea, and as it reaches reality’s bay it carries the whole of the sea at a particular place of time- this is the collapse of the wavefunction, the break of tide, deeply unbroken.

The electron cannot forget the unity that conforms his being…

The electron has complete and instant acess to cosmic internet…

The electron confirms this by acting like a highly evolved multidimensional miniastronaut.

This could explain such strange phenomena as quantum entanglement or quantum superimposition, where (faster than light) instantaneous communication takes place or a same particle is at more than one place at the same time, when all particles are part of a great and subtle body that extends its edges into apparent and ilusory oblivion.

Can we imagine all things already connected, without the necessity of wires or emissions, without traveling an angstrom,
knowing and experiencing everything the other knows and experiences?

This is where thought cannot go. This is where suffering comes from.

It is also the point of the cosmic play, the mystery:

"Of the mystery? I think you could see it like this: that if you look into the field of thought and reason and so on, you finally see it has no clear foundation. Therefore, you see that "what is" must be beyond that. 'What is' is the mystery. (Bohm and Krishnamurti).

David Bohm saw the connection where the implicate order knits with the explicate order as a kind of pier inviting us to dive beyond into the depths of a mysterious holocean..

... and if we knew how to access, "tear the veil" of this superquantum interlocking aleph of holographic projection we could find "Andromedas galaxy in our fingerprint", see the past and future in the crystalball of a molecule of air, the rise and fall of worlds boiling in a puddle...

* ************************************************ *

U are already part of the waves of light that make up the hologram, but the hologram has been systematically fragmented so u can only see a blurry image, making it difficult to recognize your face forming everywhere...

Bohm believed that fragmentation was the main cause of cultural discontent, reality being considered objective ( sacred) and separate from consciousness. Being in truth the otherway around: consciousness creating reality, for mind cannot but unfold reality being part of the same flowing whole and sharing unyieldingly the creative backdrop of the implicate order.

Bohm pointed out that both science and thought limit us in our approach to the immeasurable whole, sharing the vice of forming a world of their own in which they are everything, reifing and imagining that there is nothing but what they think about themselves and what they think about. A self-contained narcissus-narcosis.

“Through freeform dialogue it is possible to reestablish a genuine and creative collective consciousness”.

"Deep down the consciousness of mankind is one. This is a virtual certainty because even in the vacuum matter is one; and if we don't see this, it's because we are blinding ourselves to it."

For wiring deep into the mirror who’s name is Unity

For setting in motion the river that flows without division.

For giving being to meaning -the metaphor of our times: the hologram.

David Bohm is a river-on friend.

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