Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Mirror talks on Akasha

- Akasha, Akaza, Akasa, Akash

sanskrit for aether, space, “luminous heaven”.
hinduism --- panchamahabhuta
register shared simultaneously by masters of different ancient cultures (indians-tibetans-persians-egyptians-mayas-druids-greeks-chinese)
“The akashic records”
“The akashic chronicles”

Every action-feeling-thought of every body-spirit-soul is permanently recorded for eternity. Those who have the proper knowledge will be able to access it.

Every person has the potential to embody knowledge.

“we are all light recipients”

“Everything is akasha”

(the akashic readers)
Chinese masters

For some beliefs, to enter the akaza, even with justa a glance, is considered a requiremente for any magical exercise.

Related to the antique oracles, lysergic experience may be deeply connected to its unlimited matrix.

The Vedas as a fragmented-crystallized manifestation of akashic records.

The first Tattva was Akaza-Tattva.

According to Blavatsky, Akasha is the principal component of the Anima Mundi.

It may be the Book of Life, frequently mentioned in the Bible.

If Aether could be represented as a body, akasha would be its spirit.

Some say geomancy represents a metaearthly path to enter the akashicinfinite knowledge.

The memory of nature.

Science and the Akashic field: An integral theory of everything (Inner Traditions, 2006)

In Tibetan cosmogony, threw akasha things access to visible corporeity and grab their piece of existence (that is also the universe, unity as hologram, nothing is apart). Akasha includes infinite dimensions (unlimited strings)

It also can be considered as the power of Kundalini or alchemists´alkahest.

Only an eternal sound can be attributed to Akashic nature.

Everything has an ethereal origin, all origins emanate-trespass the akashic mirrors.

Thoth (akasha´s scribe) – planetary recording cell

Related to Jung’s collective unconscious and the model of planetary consciousness, proposed by Lovelock.

Akasha – Sheila – Gaia

There is no thing in this universe that precedes the akasha...
There is no thing in this universe that is followed by akasha ...

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