Sunday, October 08, 2006

river on deity: Demeter

Demeter, Demetra, Damate

Deus Mater

Guardian godess of home and heart, of agriculture, corn (grains), and mysteries.

Precious daughter of Kronos and Rhea, elder sister of Zeus and mother of Persephone.

Ceres for the romans.

Her priestesses were known as Mellisas.

She goes surfing the wind and crystal dimension, riding a couple of feathered serpents, in search of her daughter. She who turned nymphs into sirens as a punishment and whose daughter became the queen of the underground after uniting with Hades.

Defender of the moon and agriculture altough standing right in the middle of occidental perspective. She is simply admirable.

Different sites in Greece included her veneration, Eleusis, Tegea, Crete, Hermion, Akraga, Delos and Lerna, are only some examples.

for her delicate courage…

praise godess Demeter

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