Sunday, October 08, 2006

river on friend: Special Agent Dale Cooper

Dale Cooper “Coop”

Born in April 19, 1954, and graduated from Haverford College, Pennsylvania.

Special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

It is him who suffers the deepest transformation throughout Twin Peaks narrative highway, Lynch´s brightest reality-construction. ´

He who spreads the owls’ breath.

A dreaming shaman who finds the answers by surfing the akasha held by the woods’ spirits. He uses his acupunctured sensibility to choose the right screen he has to observe (and penetrate) in order to keep walking his planetary lifepath.

spiritu buho - spiritu bosque - spiritu spirit us

It’s a dark night, so in the woods, the shaman dances.

For his exemplary intuition and his compromise with the land of the dreams, Agent Cooper is considered a trusty riveron friend.

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