Saturday, November 04, 2006

Are couples copulating?

Chaotic faith seems fading

Monochromatic sexual structures:
but where is the sexo lúdico?

New moon
Luna nueva
Spirit nova

Crystal puppet --------------- seems quite vulnerable.

Amber Jacuzzi --------------- no vampire ladies allowed

Living animal --------------- wildly dance around our necks

Lubricated road -------------- like chrysanthemums freeway

Jeweled nights ------------------ 1001 infinites and so on..

A servant’s portrait --------------- gentle prism and no dark side

Japanese skirts ------------------ college highlights and sky keys

Sexual nostalgia ----------------- is everybody in?

Sweet but scare ------------------ the almost logic girl

Kingdom of no-more ------------- Isness has to be

Seven alephs ------------- …at least, not at last

Profane ways-words ------------- baby, don’t give info to the system

One color insanity ------------ Eddie murphy’s white teeth

Cellular orchestra ---------------- sights and sounds of a northern witch

Cultural sex -------------- It is the ghost machine of abstractions

Severe nights and toughts

Three evil entities are blocking our astral destiny according to Terrence:
Lady Hegemony
Lady Monotony
Lady Monogamy

A collective soul escape is needed (spinning the planet) aqua mellow

A gentle androgyn smiling

Lets play with thighs, lets find the friendly nectar of our sincere partners:
Mr. Phallus,
Mrs. Vagina
Mr. Blue sky

Do you see the golden chamber on top of the north tower (as a liquid cave mirror)

Transparent porn furniture

Daydreaming is not fancy

Key you ki

- Where are mamma and pappa?

Warm up the precious stones, caress the jade and the emerald.

Carnal (corporal narrative)
Dualite reunion
Ethereal (the spirit within the body)
Dualite reunion

Moral blocking the path
Depravation fading it out
Warmness being insufficient (quantic sometimes)

We shall never give up the fight
Copulate the miracle mirror

river on revolution

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