Sunday, November 05, 2006



so Terence speaks in Palenque´s psylocibin drift...
monkie holoballoo, sara-wato sage, THEY go out of their limits, for days, looking
for stale fruit... just to intoxicate, catch a glimpse of otherworldness...

so Terenece says in the african grasslands of the Great Horned Goddess, language became... holy cowshit.. milenniums dust, energy, spores, the passenger spoke...

Everytime I see a mushroomcloud i know... novelty, concrescensce...
I can read d Escathon
(skid the sky or die) heaven is the mansion inside the mustardseed
a thousand buddhas whirling in the dust
Sunyata secret roar
cock of gold (el amanecer) "el mar de testiculos de oro" dice Haroldo
let the waves say the word that is sex with the air
coatl copulate with the invisble Flaming Lip
now quantum warrior

bird of the underworld
bird in the motherboard
bird buried in the void (jeweled bird)

fly and say (ceiba syllables)

“… and if you know the words that the world is made of…”
Vitriol Crane paraphrase : you can play
"reality is whatever you can get away with.."
the game break into the(chaosmic)egg
lotus lotery: you can win Padmes plenty
Lot´s wife -lux et voluptas-
(know the patterns, know the waves)
but something better hides

"beyond the binary state"
we should go where paradox leads oz
"the way that can be spoken of is not the Way"
the tao that can be taoed is not the...

irreolute in nothingness i stand to decipher the language of the stars
(which always reveal my name) astrolabios se leen
no puedo salir de la red
cuyo nombre es Espejo de Hermes
para leer hay que dejarse caer, en la sangre amarilla,
en el foton fetal, ¿que dice la placenta ourobhorica?
el universo se quiere autodevorar, el fenix incendiar-
beso la cola del quetzal.

O el lenguaje de las aves, fina escritura eólica:

Thoth saw them flying and grabbed a feather and drew
as following a telegraphic mirror-like intuition,
the words: Hiburu, the bird:light.

in the screen of clouds
in the byblos of sky
birds write as they ride "ride the raven
together 's... blueblack infinite"
system of signs, their flight
is collective mind mirror´s dance

Know that text secret reader (hermenauta)
-birds-hieroglyphs- river -ibis- in aether
the reification of spirit
silence (the door out of the text)
(the glow in the paradox)
time stops like in a movie
where the character steps out of himself
to contemplate the end

What is out there?
but a bigger bird(th?)
body that contains it (qbit), the isness of the otherness,
Jung said "the UFO is the mirrour of our soul"
Borges "una esfera (tornasol) cuyo centro está en todas partes
y su circunferencia en ninguna".

O greater bird (i think of a malayan tiger called undeath,
of Ezekiel´s burning spacecraft)
Eagle of Energy (as Castaneda leaped into the abyss, falling, a radiant
eagle davoured him) we feather you (iridescent infinty)
we fade into you. We remain?
in abstarct flight, in the holosyntactical sentence,
constellated, logosbreath.
Disembodied meme, livin only in the link of the web,
is it the same?

como afuera, adentro

esmeralda en mi pecho sin cuerpo
"boy the void is bright"
Bohm, vacuum, Bohr azor
go, intrauterus Beyoncie
born from quantumfoam
i go deeper than my cells
where you ask
if i utter the word: i am the world

un águila en la falda de Guadalupe
in the abyss-me of she
el fondo de coral luminoso
las estrellas en el polvo

inmenso animal: el silencio cósmico
utter us
alpha virgin aleph

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