Sunday, November 05, 2006

Inner melodies I

================================== =======================
====================================================== ======================= ======================== =======================
Sirens crawling, deep inside my ears…
but, do they really exist?, i mean, my ears, are they real? … And what the fuck am I?
maybe = universe

I am a sound, you know,,,,,,,,,,, we all are, crawling siren sounds.
And that’s why I don’t believe in Yoko
… she sound’s like a building. ((Dark Dakota could be crying at this instant…. ))

IntRo in search of cultural amnesia

??? ?
? ???
??? ?

let there be at least, seven models, breathes, for everything, Hagakure-Wilson.

Metaprogramming an octave of energy

evolutionary wave,
- ride it,
- im trying,
- Do it. -------------------------------------(future’s architecture)

“life as we know it” … quite smaller than we think, it is the concept that punishes us,
faces, we know it
releasing your senses towards happening
spaces, who follows?

(try fonetic realities)

why? the white sounds,

It is a gift, you know, it is the Infinite Heart Cinema

----3-----1--------3 -------V

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