Sunday, November 05, 2006

ghost domino snow

“Felix, qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas”

To know the secret causes, understand karma crystally, how energy moves and calls in the distance, to see things invisible, the web that links manifolded worlds.

Do you have a synchronizer? Do you have a vortex machine? Can you measure my ethereal breezing on Andromeda’s hair?

What do your cells think of it, do they like their mirrors? What do your photons want to do now? Maybe go to Hawaii, surf you hand?

The consciousness of a river, of the Nile for example, is it constantly speaking to the Milky Way, spinning the liquid light yarn?

Can it all be same, or many-minded, like I could be seven persons or a waterfall in Alaska, a stone in Lemuria, furniture on a moonsystem in the Pleiades, a triceratops and sweetest alfalfa? And at times we could all be causing each other headaches or a strange reasonless happiness, like when you haven’t taken any drugs recently but you feel high as on cosmic mescaline.

And if so how am i here and also there? behind the mirror and maybe above the stars where one r.e.m.’s and memes the worldself.

Have you ever been in a helicopter inside a Tree an read the Book?

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