Sunday, November 05, 2006

Silver Mirror Magic Moments

On the film "Donnie Darko" we have an example of vision amplification and mellow sky confused with the body of a girl. Donnie, who is a Riveron friend, holoween supercrack, sees what Don Juan Matus, the sorcerer Castaneda dreamed, calls the wings of intention, will and whim made plasma in its visible form. Streaming ectoplasm from the vortex-plexus, a totally psychedelic jelly that reveals the text of thoughts. People going for a beer before they go or a secret unfolding memento like the glimmering mirror inside the cellardoor. Specially after Donnie had teenage sex with candyflip Gretchen and he walks down into the party and it starts to happen, the weird clairvoyance under the milky way song. And he is in a sort of trance near the fridge and the halogen light seeing the rattlesnake tunnel of volition quivering around and transforming into sky like a rainbow wormhole and so blue its amazing, the clearness, the high bliss. And then he opens his eyes and he is on the floor crawling into her girlfriends belly eye which most probably triggered the vision, the fusion of sky and timetravel with her body. Makes you think of blue vortices andthe gift of seeing connections everywhere and following the quetzalcoatl (la vibora de la mar) windriver and all the colors that spiral in every action in its softest core.

It's certainly no coincidence that people who have taken certain psychedelic substances report on a very similar magic mermelade oozing from the body into reality, as a materialization of mental energy or a sacred vomit that seams to be green or violet with a crystal transformative tubing. It is also I think a river-looking-glass where information and emotion liquefy in vitoastral fluids. Terence Mckenna in his book “True Hallucinations”, speaks of one time when, after he smoked d.m.t. and was with a girl in India, he retched out a very similar ectoplasm which he linked to glossolalia.
Other d.m.t or ayahuasca or tryptaminic users share the same experience.

For this and showing us that we have spaceships in our body and time-traveling machines and the joy of creating through destruction, part of the blue dream, the revolving womb in the sky, Donnie Darko is a Riveron Silver Mirror Hero.

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