Sunday, November 05, 2006

graphics and biology

Graphics and Biology,
life as an unlimited design.
Narrative notions of a He-story, (biographical whisper)

Aether architecture, as a she,
a she who is in silence
------------- ridingriverouswaves, giveaway everything,

galactic glimmering gates,
(como suerte en azul-ojera)
mystics inside a Budweiser can, prophetic dust and jeans.
(some say Waco played an anti-paradise role)
David´s star????
Spielberg’s new masterpiece???
(((Found a bit of cowboy’s venom in his pocket:

smells candy-CIA))

… el venado en el viento, (bienvienevientovenado) –“spirittales”— one after the one… and then another,
yesterday, tatewari y un tatuaje (piel panteista--- as Alice in Ultraland).
God, and how is the owl wise and frozen?
- because of his chrysanthemum soul (speaking in ehécatl language).
auricus octopus and a winter horizon
(he’s reading the new fragmented literae -----
...and welcomes you to it ---

is that what you call kaleidoscope’s science???)
Eris-iris, in cotton-swamps you rest, D
Somehow dissolving my limits.
(Not sweeter than my Soror, but in so a silky way)
Hoy hay dioscuria en Lemuria, singing seed songs,
toloache-free party, no datura for the children, better to follow the talisman lady.
Yesterday i dreamed with this Scottish pagan festival, where half of me was conceived around 20 years ago.
Some celt seeds sparkling, 7th aurora borealis, auricae woods marking maternal rhythms. (like the chant of the siren-druids)
I noticed the moon’s silver warmness, delightfully encounter in the eternal belly -----0------ auricae ----------------- the gold is finally amorphous (hikuri stars… el venado sabe su camino).
Me inside a versaladder (of verse and versality, a stairway),
surrounded by fractals, corals and spider man, saw some words written: “for sure code breaks”… and then:
Zig Zag blacKkk
… I slept for 27 pieces of Luna. I woke up lying in front of a crawling crystal river. He was speaking of some ethereal-geometry road.
“This road, he said, sure takes to Chartres labyrinth. Walk it, surf it, and then, when you get there, you shall meditate an image of the Fairies flower”…
The dust shall witness the flesh, over and over, till it un-becomes
Lou, the one who grew up in a small town (hippie anonymous small town), knows this.
Nico, femme fatal, didn’t.
Andy Drella, maybe did.


part 1...

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