Sunday, November 05, 2006

mirror cut river (a permutation in the method of Brion Gysin)

"words don't belong to anyone
they'd rather spin and turn into things"
Brion Gysin

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ºfaster than light) s at more than one place at the same timorr a same particle i
knity of wiresweaving together rigorous epistthe spirit of present
fractal intuition holoundoubtedly the floforward
flaming equation
graphic paradigm, a
shift a path of quantum orgaowing a new path in provides an increased visuallocybin
back into the vibrant origi Future Sound of London Zuvuya Eat Spacetime Continuum
the soul and i
a superconducting lens of translinguist soul starship, I iium" ll our too technological reef
belief in an ultimate tool you wihat the world is mad
world is code, then we can hack it". Ansh. mirachrysalis holodeck And tock to feel The mult
tusun. .... And back there where it (sh,he a-thousandfold lo
ver eyes where undivided from rivers Sun sh)star-ted bear Why
moons women and layers of smiles fromakash girls divi
ing like the wheels of rollerskates In s and galaxies Revolv
bow quetzalcoatl fields- .Gison claims to have thought-out the dr----------------- Mr
hypnagogic swoon of polychrom-a-tete
he was rideamchine when -in the country sh
leep and being connected to the www? :::om-puters do while as
inactive dream were digital unconscious trees might have eaten psy Goddess
mystery us" of this superquantum interlocking aleccess the rise and fall of worlds boillball of a molecule
are already part of the waves of light ing in a puddle... U
ogram, make up the hol o u
codification samplingmusical philosophy
sonic paths, the river sounds on the Fut to create mystical
Humanoid, Intelligent Communicatis, Art Science Techn
Semi real, Yupie and Yage, are only someon, Mental Cube, Q,
People are gradually realizing, gettinsychedelia is about a perspective on life,
electricuter netdreaming selftransforflowers sundscapes and very leafiwaves invisible
mimachine works as a s rror that reproduces patterns of light who teteinduces the psychona
-a-tete with the macc swoon of polychromhine Do Androids DreamPhilip K. Dick
0 talk to the in a bong? ...Bill is cheap and cosmextra! polysister doic fun
electrocomplete and instant To music in othe
so Where diamonds flee summer holographicow -halcyon Rimbaud
Suneris eyes where undiv hopefurthe envelope of the lily without ripping
planet so badly
sounds applesilverds psyche-delicate orchdrfit us into amber sopholphins Oriblooming
Pleiades dippingkiri so high could me koolaid light morphic fieldspirits, shared
brainshrooms, ayahuasca, speciallyecule, itself. entering the Gaiat, in this way sweet
n Mind The Invisible Zero" alive the etherealtween Logos and surflaming equation BE
"light is thewhirl in a grain of means by which leads into itself. Bohentire universe
Andromedas galaxojection we could fly in our fingerprintfuture in the crystal"
Deep ads of mankind is one.own the consciousnes This is a virtual cr in the vacuum mattertainty because eve
er is one; cause emotions in million shared thoughts; data are linked wetube patterns
"Life and everphous Androgynous is ee more aware you areven more amazing, th
; to breathe and fuc consciousli the voice in the dispeaking softly like
di genital wildreness quality kitty iridescence,
hat can haunt matterinting. My first ufo, or people Fluorescent bullys Vacuum tube amplins
Tesla Pop-mire views and aspiraesla Neon lights Speedo war is the uv oven chief Microwav
nihilation of distalanet wavefunctiocular place of time-, else Id be a jade
sun. I loopiral she loothought inside sienter her reflectionear Isis (what follows is laughter and kundalini)
Bluelight of : yousleeping fired beings conceived crystal harp
she asks me in. to only dream is real. . how am i not
we are imaginever reason: i is another
gs and co-creates res. your friend springy unimaginable other
ending. not anymoreme? do you feel timeality.
deeply unbroken totalvasiv implicate other now i remembutterflies begin to crash into the galax
my genes, in highmmunications, institlue skies numinhummingbird femaldawn of mirrors and e archetype
epic electrical la la is a luminous rivrivering andax vortodomestics the leaves cut nature was born the passe eyes, the brain is he glass the sun the eatiful knife surf the lighe After Science:e synchride sunrays and trees
at silicon speed invented by BrionofoutBounds: Dreamachi2006Working This work was an i
or this purpose cosmic opera A Rainbow in the Phantom Band
) The Descending Moo71 improvisflights talisman indeterminacy inter-contribution
know yourself ring a multidimensiowiveron "A river eternal glimmering surf
on the..." . ce, it is the river synergetictronic on mirror wombecomes is the...
3) the Mirriver theon lyric

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