Sunday, November 05, 2006

leT The loTus leT us love iT

Letthelotusletusloveit tievolsutelsutolehtteL


Flourishing of a collective soul, it is said to be…
I just want to live in a pyramid way, life as s3Δ3s)(like occult masters have whistled)(-------------------------------------------
Really (reality of possibilities),
I don´t want no more plasma awareness, (nothing personal), ---------------------------------just wishing kind of planetary-poetry existence
- psiscience -

And where is the natura, at Uranus?
I´ll make some holes in my habitus.
Mountains make me cry –(unreasonable sincerity),
some silence(shhh) lessons, --- they never leave without a trace ----
Como guerrero que cultiva un espejo de maiz
(cornskin-maizpíritu, my spirit)
The context is no context, just click the belly.

(((Read the sacred letters:
androgynous geometry and textual kindness of a celt chimeney, )))
The soul architect seems like a bone serpent,
Kundal spinning into so much symbols,
(Mucha drawing secret girls)
Its like an oddisey to El Cairo, (save a bit of goat milk inside your closet)
(Odysseus did)

Idle words should stay at salty corners – (life as cliche can kill all vital mistery)
Between the Machu Pichuu´s and the Sillicon Valley´s shamans (digitaliza las hebras… amamanta el-la Mandala)).

And hey Eno, why don´t you play some nice vibes while we grow wild. (Kind of maternal mood: electric one)
Some crazy, some say lazy,
Caress the parallel existence, your hands wide open to eveningIshtar, --------------- as a digital virgin ----------
Skies are duplicating your feet (2¿2),
invoque a mental parade… drop it, find Mercurie´s nest,


(eLe elegante


Weave dear Prudence´s laughter (and then there´s loco´s bubblegum)
(he shall give birth to his own Belorofont (maybe unicorn) ------------ alex, al (chemy) ex, exHale alchemy alex -3- Hg –4-).
embrace planets, gift a glance to the dice twins (chaos cute babies)
--- (images-silver-feathers)

(the swan is on its ventral way,
it is unstoppable)
… we´ll surf threw new unkingdoms,
sons and daughters of the mystical flower!!!

leT The loTus leT us love iT.

leT The loTus, leT us love iT.


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