Sunday, November 05, 2006

riveron question

Have you ever felt a wild happines at the exact momentspace where when things crumble whimper disintegrate?
aphex vortex.
when void blows unholstered unhinged deconstructed winds of disorder
with no one without a thought system or a cigarrete hassard music streaming
strange faces ,,, but uncruel not standing on others lack of understanding
fiendly end beautiful amazonic pulse -- the golden queen of the hive
smiling with deadly dart darling at u --- and a sort of yes
libertine blind passage through redlights--- no more lies
lying in never a fever delirous ruby
and earthquakes are the deepst mass age mess age
messing around missing none just like a crack in reality
where a firecraker empire blast around, smoke-in mirrors crack
sky torn personal apocalypse ==jus fun for the hell of it amoral
love storms
psychotropical mad crash
didnt take any drugs today but triggers are in the air
psy synch hi sci fi pie skybugs countervenom drops
tox fox savoir crazy weasel nonchalance
Have you ever felt so more untouchable (firstly bulletproof) at the face of the loch ness monster, like nothing can happen to u
when everything is about to blow up pieces splinters in your most sacred fortress everything you clinged to
all your dreams and desires broken bum glass and all of them boomerangs to fuck u and u can fuck them better but yould rather just remain watching the great specatle of destruction, glimmering with privatehoruseye -secret lights?

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