Sunday, November 05, 2006

Unicorns vs Phoenix (ride the unicorn)

Unicorns are more fun than phoenix
Although pheonix are highly sexual
Unicorns are alluringly virginal
And like to graze and frolic
Through the fields of blue grass
Their horns are filled with subtle
Serpentines that pop out
Of angels armpits and tickle
Chameleons genetic resonance
They mean foam (soft venus) party
Like pebbles and sand castles
That become clouds, loftier
And etherealized, unicorns
Are more like the holy ghost
Messengers of mother magic
Phoenix are like the heavenly father
All wrathful and with an uncanny fire
Blinding and enthralling
With the suns empire
Not as dreamy and gentle but devastating
With unyielding fullfilment
Rampaging deserts of gold
I guess one shouldn’t choose
But im immature and like silver’s
Cool feeling and moonlight
Rivers with girls appearing
(stoned immaculate images)
You might like a phoenix better
And its ok different tempers
Mix in alchemy as we reach
For a higher chemistry
Grasping realms of diversified
Energy and experience-
Endless. like imaginal
Princedoms playing with mind
And matter. endless
The beings that consciousness
Breeds. and i look at the garden
Where floats an egg of white light.
ominous. Somehow there is always
a carriage that takes you into the stars.

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