Sunday, November 05, 2006

A (the) Mother (sacred), in need of warriors (quantic ones)

Invitación alakash (party in Alaska, the dj is an iceberg, sweet technopale melodies, ice in my eyes, hey guys!, frozen furniture for everyone!!!!!!)
Sincronías del maiz (indigo roots) (beyond any binary state)

Ride the river…
Ride the raven…

Because rivers and ravens are writtable creatures,
“… and if you know the words that the world is made of…”
lenguaje allowing realities, codification of escenaries
(thank you writtable creatures)
blueblack infinite,
teaching, invoquing sky´s highlights,

Master Riley´s rainbow
Soft loop as curved air
En infinito no hay debilidades ( there´ll be no fruitcake (nor mysticism) for those who fear)
Weakness in fractal is only an anti-myth (stops producing realities)
mhmm, you´ll sure meet him.
Should never underestimate its presence, but also remember that the name of fear, is not that of awareness.

(but, master, where is my loop-ticket to sky?)
That´s bullshit my son. YOU ARE the loop-ticket)
: Ok
((((((((((((((((((((((((((accept the responsability)

And so Gaia needs to hear, again, the echoes of Quetzal-coan-atl,
(maybe wind´s predilect son (or is it father?)
that help sostain the 4 candles (one giving light to every cardinal point)
gather for planetary breaths (hada.inhala.hada),
renew mythical foundations
and, son, don´t talk to much…

(easy happy face) (hoy por ti-mañana por ti)

…………………… Gaia-bonita-Gaia)

. . vvvvv V ^^^^^ Ç^*Ç****

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