Sunday, November 05, 2006

skid the rainbow

Saw this other skittles ad -i busted Ishtar-:
kids sitting on a mirage.
Rainbows are made by mind,
like a candy garden
before time.
Kids gather to look for rabbits
(and thats glue)
kids eat spirals
and follow rivers glowing
dazed by glass
ang glacier
and laser
crystal pie.
Sometimes eyes
come by
with skies
and ask silent koans
i like u
do you want
a piece
of this
peyote star
it has so many dabs
its not even real
but i have it in my hand
and Gotlam is melting.

Smiling when its all ending,
thats the pass.

Threesome at the rainbow;
kids follow girls;
sometimes it all comes together
and there are
liquid trees.
A skittle for u
a skittle for u
and a skittle for me-
in ur skirt (and thats
the obvious follow)
there is a blue lotus.

Eating candy
is sacred
as fire

as circles
and sirens,
and screens.

The rainbow project
over a city wall
where kids sit
and eat candy color
pencils fish dharma spoons
pillows bliss air scotch
ice alleys under the counter cough crows
seven yellow desks and daddies
eat rivers and clouds
that could be

a rainbow fringe
whre kids skip
to eat candy
and dream
over the city wall
and when they stop
we fall

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